Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Simple Spring Roll

Spring Roll

Easy&Healthy spring rolls with fresh veggies and savory vinaigrette side dip! Simple, quick and scrumptious!


1 chicken breast
About 9 to 10 pieces of shrimps (peel and Devine)
Pork with the skin on
A third of the package of vermicelli noodle
1 package of medium to large spring roll wrapper
Sliced thin lengthwise cucumbers
Basil leaves or mint
Romaine lettuce ( any leafy lettuce)


Boil the chicken breast and pork in the same pot, once it is cooked add the shrimp, stir and remove to cool down. While the meats are being cooled, boil the vermicle as directed by the package. Slice the chicken, pork thinly and set aside.

     In a bowl, large enough to rinse the rice wrapper in, add Luke warm water. Rice wrappers does not require soaking. You can also simple rinse/ wet it and set it on a large flat dish.
It takes about 1 minute for the wrapper to be ready.
     Place on top of the rice wrapper, a couple of lettuce leaf, cucumbers follow by the herbs then vermicelli.  Add a few variety of meats and wrap everything firmly just like a burrito.

Sweet and sour dipping Sauce:

1 cup of vinegar

1 cup of fish sauce ( available just about everywhere, even Wal-Mart)
1 cup of sugar
3 cups of water
4 cloves of garlic
3 red peppers
3rd a cup of shredded carrots
Crushed roasted peanuts
Honey (optional)

Direction Sweet and sour dipping sauce:

 In a large pot combine vinegar, water, sugar, fish sauce and stir until the sugar is dissolved. Let it cool down then add mince or ground the garlic, peppers together, add shredded carrots and stir it into the liquid. Peanuts are optional and honey is added for an extra sweetness. This sauce can be used as a vinaigrette and dips for all kinds of food. It can also be stored in a plastic container for about 6 months.