Thursday, July 16, 2015

Cocozia Coconut Water Review

Are you a fan of coconut water? If so, today 

is your lucky day! We were asked to review

 Cocozia Organic coconut water. 

I was recently contacted by a company called 

Cocozia by a brand of Epicurex LLC  to review 

their product. Cocozia contains no GMOs, it 

is fat and cholesterol free. Cocozia is also 

100% Organic Coconut Water, no pulp, no 

sugar added, no preservatives, not from 


My opinion on this? Well I think its the best

 one by far. I have tried a few other brands 

like Vita-Coco and Zico coconut water. Those 

brands to me tastes too artificial with all those

 additives. Cocozia has only ONE ingredient! 

Organic Coconut water. 

I use this coconut water in my smoothies 

every other morning. Since I use coconut in 

some of my recipes, I planning to create 

delicious food recipes because it adds a lot of 

depth of flavor to the foods. I think this 

coconut water will work great in either dinner

 or dessert recipes.

 Cocozia coconut water is a pure, natural 

hydration source containing not only water 

from the green coconut, but essential 

electrolytes (potassium, sodium, calcium, 


    However, the best coconut 

water is of course straight from the coconut 

itself but who has time to crack one after or 

before a gym and especially when you're in a 

hurry for a quick easy recipe.